5 Things You Need To Know To Get The Best Spanish Holiday Rental Property!

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Why stick to hotels when youre enjoying a holiday in Spain? Renting a property for your holiday is not only a cost effective solution especially if youre staying in Spain for a longer duration it also give you a more homely atmosphere. Theres none of the pitfalls and problems that come with staying at a hotel and youll generally have a lot more freedom.

But how do you get the best rental property for your money? Why by following our great tips of course! With our help and guidance you can guarantee youll love your holiday home and avoid any troublesome problems.

The Verbal Contract

It doesnt matter how friendly the landlord may seem or even if youve stayed at the property before always get a written contract that outlines the details of your rental. Tenants have the legal right to request a written contract so make sure you request one and if the landlord wont provide one then you really shouldnt stay at any property they are offering.

Get Your Duration Right

Spain is a very popular holiday location and theres no shortage of things to do or places to visit, however you should make sure your rental contract is for the duration you need. Legally you can leave the property early but youll still be liable to pay for any remaining time on the contract. So to ensure you avoid paying any extra costs or suddenly find yourself out of a home, make sure your contract is for as long as you need.

Remember Its Not Your Home

One of the reasons renting a property is so popular in Spain is because it allows you much more freedom. Want to stay up late playing music? Or bring your own food in or even cook your own dishes? With a rental property you can do that and much more but remember youre only renting the property so make sure you take care of it. Any accidental damage will be charged to you and also make it more difficult for you to rent a property in the future.
Get To Know Your Landlord

When choosing your rental property always take time to get to know your landlord or if youre renting through an agency make sure you do your research. Any landlord or agency should be more than willing to provide you with some references or testimonials from clients in the past and you can also do your own research to find out more.

Inspect The Property if Possible

This might sound obvious but youd be surprised how many people dont actually inspect the property theyre renting, instead happy to stick to photographs. While this is understandable with holiday rents, as making it to Spain to check the property would be ridiculous, I have many visitors to my website http://www.valuvillas.com/ who actually live in the area looking for looking to rent long term who are satisfied with pictures rather than looking at the property. If possible you could try to view the property before agreeing to a rental agreement or ask your landlord to give you a virtual tour using Skype or a similar program.

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