Luxury Holiday Properties Vs. Traditional Holiday Villas

Both luxury holiday properties and traditional holiday stone villas have redefined vacation accommodations since entering the hospitality scene. However, luxury holiday properties have a definite advantage: elegance, extravagance, and opulence.

Many vacationers donât realize that the traditional holiday villa is a broad category. A holiday villa can mean a vacation home rental or a multi-bedroom unit at a resort. It can also be a cottage, room, or collection of rooms on a private estate. Finally, a villa can also be a condominium or a self-service apartment in the heart of a city.

Since luxury vacation properties offer benefits that other accommodations cannot, many seasoned travelers are now choosing to get away from it all in these estates.

This article lists the main benefits of a luxury vacation rental vacation compared to a traditional vacation villa and why you should consider booking a luxury property for your next great getaway.


Luxury vacation properties can accommodate larger groups than a traditional vacation villa, which typically can accommodate up to three families. In a luxury vacation property, space is much grander. Staying in a luxury property feels more like a peaceful vacation than a typical holiday.


Many luxury properties are tucked away in quieter areas, allowing for a feeling of seclusion. Booking a luxury vacation property also means having the property for yourself. This allows you and your family or group to enjoy the properties premium amenities without having to share them with strangers.


One of the most tremendous benefits of a luxury vacation property is that it always has a dedicated staff. The staff consists of a private chef, a villa manager, and a housekeeping team. As staff members serve you from day one, they get to know you better and pay attention to your preferences so that they can tailor their services to your needs.


Your private chef can prepare meals based on your dietary needs, and the villa staff can help you organize the perfect surprise party. Because you and your guests are the only ones staying at the luxury vacation property, you will receive personalized attention.


Many luxury vacation properties are designed to harmoniously combine elegance with an affluent ambiance. This allows you to enjoy refinement in a scenic setting while having an ultra-comfortable stay. Luxury vacation properties also come with state-of-the-art facilities, such as well-designed living areas, well-equipped kitchen, and spacious dining areas.

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Types Of Spa Treatments

Spa treatments are perhaps the most luxurious services offered at a luxurious spa. The most popular luxury spa therapy in America, however, is massage therapy. It has existed for centuries and has several health benefits. Other popular luxury spa therapies include body treatments such as body wraps and salt baths, facials, and other unique body treatments. For example, some people prefer to receive a massage on their backsides instead of just the front.

A variety of massage therapy is offered at many spas. However, they all offer a variety of types of massage. They include light hand movements with no pressure or rubbing on the skin. They have a full-body massage with gentle strokes and kneading. Some may also include massage therapy for injuries and joint pain, and they may also include therapeutic massages for removing dry skin. Many spas will offer other massages such as aromatherapy and body scrubs.

Another type of spa therapy that can be offered at a spa is hair removal. Hair removal is usually done by an esthetician who will use wax or electrolysis on the skin. This method is usually more effective than shaving, but it does take time and is painful. It can also leave unsightly scars or ingrown hairs, and there are other problems associated with this method.
Another type of spa therapy is called deep tissue massage, and this method is becoming more popular in the spa industry. This method uses specific techniques and tools to target specific areas of the body. While these procedures may take more time, they are often more effective and may leave no visible scars or ingrown hairs.

Massage chairs have also become popular at many spas, and they can be used for spa therapy. One popular chair is called a Reiki chair, which uses a touch of energy to provide relief from tension and stress. Many spas also use a chair like this for aromatherapy purposes. These chairs can help you relax and give you peace of mind.

There are many spa treatments available to relieve pain and other types of ailments. You will find massage therapy that is affordable, convenient and provides multiple health benefits. You may also see a chair that helps to relieve stress and gives you peace of mind.

Aromatherapy is another popular type of spa therapy. Many different scents can help you relax and have a peaceful time. These scents may be calming or invigorating, or they may even be inviting you to a state of spiritual bliss.

Spa treatments are available at many locations. When looking for a spa that will provide you with many different treatments, it is essential to look around and get what you need. For more information, read more about Bakwena Spa in Centurion.

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The Quintessential Guide To Wildlife Viewing On The Alaska Highway

There are not many places in the world that rival the beauty and natural wonders of the Alaska Highway. This is why it’s no surprise that travelers from around the world flock to the north to take a road trip on this famous highway.

The attraction of driving to Alaska is not only the scenic landscapes but the incredible wildlife the visitors are almost guaranteed to spot on their journey.

The Alaska Highway is home to some of the most unique wildlife in the world and the best part is, you probably won’t even need to leave your vehicle to see it. The wide, lush areas along the road attract elk, buffalo, bear and many more.

So what kind of animals will you see while driving to Alaska?

– Black bears. These massive creatures weigh up to 330 lbs. and they can live up to 33 years. Watch for them grazing on the side of the road in grassy areas.

– Mountain goats. These animals are typically shy but you can’t deny their beauty with such bright, white coats. Look for them in mountainous areas with steep rocky cliffs.

– Grizzly bears. Female grizzly bears could weigh up to 450 lbs. while the giant males can reach up to 1,000 lbs. These majestic creatures are rare to see on the side of the road, but it’s not unheard of.

– Moose. The famous moose of Alaska can reach 7 feet tall and weigh up to a massive 1,800 lbs. In the spring-time it is common to see Moose in the ponds and wetlands near the highway with their young.

– Caribou. Also known as the reindeer of North America, the caribou are famous for their long migrations across the Alaska plains.

– Elk. Considered one of the largest terrestrial mammals in North America, the elk is part of the deer family and can grow impressively wide antlers.

These animals are just some of the many species that you’ll get to view while driving the Alaska Highway. But to make sure that you enjoy the wildlife, while staying safe, here are some simple tips that you should follow:

– Never, ever go near large mammals. Elks, moose, bison and bears in the Alaska Highway may be used to people, but they can still illicit a defensive response when startled or when they feel under threat. Never go near these animals to avoid an attack.

– Stay in your car when viewing wildlife and don’t make any noise. Animals don’t like noise or sudden movements because they usually feel threatened by them.

– Always be vigilant with your surroundings to avoid being attacked by an animal. When out in the open, make noise and always keep an eye out behind you.

– Finally, be sure never to end up between a mother and her young. This is the most dangerous place to be and may illicit an attack.

Of course, you can’t forget about taking the best photographs. It’s dangerous to get to close, so look at getting a telephoto lens for your digital camera, if you’re not just using your phone!

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a Quintessential Guide To Hiking And Camping On The Chilkoot Trail

If you’re thirsty for adventure, Alaska has no shortage of activities for you. One of its prime destinations is the historic Chilkoot trail that stretches for 53 kilometers through the spectacular Coast Mountains.

It was once the main route from the Skagway, Alaska on the coast to the Yukon gold fields in Dawson City. Although, it was abandoned with the establishment of the White Pass Railway. This is one of the most unique and historic ways to experience camping in Alaska

Today, adventurers from around the world flock to Alaska each year just to experience hiking and camping on the legendary Chilkoot trail. If you’re one of those planning to experience the same, here are some tips that you should know about:

There are limitations for crowds in the trail. To prevent overuse and keep the trail’s character intact, the U.S. National Park Service and Parks Canada manages the number of people who can traverse the trail at one time. By way of a permit system, only a maximum of 50 backpackers are allows to begin the trail each day.

Plan your trip around the official hiking season. The best time to hike the Chilkoot is between May and early September when trail crew and rangers are on site and the snow at the top of the pass has melted to a manageable level. Keep in mind that late May could bring fresh snow and early September is usually rainy and cold. Ideally, June through August are your best months to tackle the trail.

Be prepared to camp for three to five nights on the trail. Most backpackers follow the route from Dyea, Alaska, near Skagway, to Bennet in British Columbia. You’ll find several designated camping sites along the trail where you can camp safely. It is recommended to stay in Sheep Camp the night before traversing the Chilkoot Pass, as it is the closest camp to the bottom of the Chilkoot Pass. This gives hikers the most time to ascend the steep pass and get to Happy Camp, aptly named as you will no doubt be happy to reach it after a long day of challenging hiking.

Reserve and plan your campsites throughout the trip. There are strict rules for camping on the Chilkoot trail and you can only camp in designated campgrounds. You will also be asked to specify which campgrounds you will be staying for each night of your trip upon making your reservations for a permit. Keep in mind that open fires are not allowed on these campsites to avoid the risk of wildfires.

It is important to secure your permits and pay the corresponding fees that help with maintaining the trail. Since the trail management is strict about limiting the number of people on the Chilkoot Trail at one time, you need to secure your permit ahead if you want to hike or camp on the trail. 42 reservations are taken for each day, which allows for walk-ins.

The Chilkoot Trail is, without a doubt, one of the most amazing trails you’ll ever explore in your life. So don’t miss the opportunity to cross this trail. You will feel like you’re taking a walk through history.

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Picnic Time! What To Bring And Not To Bring

Hey we all love picnics right? I was on vacation recently at a lovely spot in Australia called Fitzroy Island. It was the perfect picnic spot, but we weren’t prepared for a picnic really.

So it had me wondering what is the perfect picnic setup for any location, abroad on your vacation or right at home in your backyard beach spot.

Let’s start with the obvious shall we?

A blanket, table cloth, sheet or Egyptian Cotton bed spread – okay fine not the last one unless you really like living large. Basically though, you need to protect your butt from the sand or grass or rocks or biting ants – you get the picture.

Next, we need something to bring the food in right?

Enter your basket, box, cooler or grocery bag. If you want to keep the cold things cold something that can hold an adequate amount of ice is a good idea. In that case the paper grocery bag probably isn’t your best option. Buy hey, who am I to judge?


You can’t bring it but it is equally as important on a nice sunny day as something to eat. Without a bit of shade on a blistering Australian afternoon the hotdogs are not the only thing that will be cooking let me tell you.

So, bring an umbrella, or some cute woven wicker hats for everyone and you’ll all be nice and comfortable sitting out in the hot sun waiting for the hubby to be done on the grill. But a grill isn’t all that necessary if you brought pre made sandwiches.

The point is make sure your picnic spot has some shade if you need it. Then again shade isn’t all that needed if it’s raining outside. So grab that umbrella and make a run for it. You can always finish your picnic in the car. (not as easy if you biked to the beach for your picnic)

What is the perfect beach picnic food anyway?

If you are a pansy and don’t plan on grilling (or can’t carry your four burner gas grill on your back while you hike five miles to the picnic spot) just bring some fancy finger foods like sandwiches, pre-made kebabs, cupcake sand brownies for dessert and some of that gross egg salad stuff someone always insists on brining to a picnic.

Besides the egg salad, what else should you refrain from bringing to a picnic?

Well, for starters have you ever seen someone carrying a giant wooden picnic table across the beach for heir picnic? Well, probably don’t bring one of those. But a portable, foldable table might be an option if you dan’t want to cozy up on a blanket.

Plastic anything.

Just don’t do it. Have you seen videos of that spot in the ocean where all the Wolrd’s plastic ends up – not cool. So leave the plastic forks, spoons, plates and cups where they belong (in the stores until manufacturers get the hint that we shouldn’t be using them) and bring paper plates or better yet reusable plates and utensils. (I get it that too often these are also made of plastic, but at least you can re-use them I guess)

So there you have it. Anything else you need to know about having the best picnic lunch on the beach? I didn’t think so. Now go out and have a picnic already.

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Live Wedding Bands – The Most Exciting Wedding Party Entertainment

Talented live wedding bands give your guests the chance to let down their hair and dance the night away to some high energy music. In contrast, you might possibly prefer some beautiful background music from a violinist so your attendees can talk with one another without the need for yelling. The type of music entertainment you hire is totally your call.

High-end wedding bands provide wedding parties with that special touch, resulting in an excitement that cannot be matched through iPod music. No celebration is complete without music, and live music will augment a wedding reception more than anything. But, you have to choose a band that pumps out songs your crowd wants to dance to. If you enjoy jazz, but few of your party guests enjoy jazz, it probably isn’t smart to bring in a jazz wedding band. If the budget does not allow for the hiring of a really good wedding party band, a skilled DJ might be your next best option. DeeJays might not be as exhilarating as a band, but they can still increase the amount of fun at the big event.

The best bands typically have a comprehensive music list from which to choose, making sure that guests of all ages will hear something they can dance to. They may enjoy modern jazz or swing, rock, pop, country, or classic rock hits from the 50s and 60s. And the vast majority of live bands will even learn one or two songs that are important to you.

Whenever you are in charge of finding entertainment for a wedding, then live music should be the first thing on your list. When you’re considering spending a bit more for the live music, it’s better to stay away from the DJ and book a band instead. Bands can help your wedding ceremony party hit a level of excitement that cannot be achieved with recorded music. Live music performed by top-end wedding music bands will probably be something your guests will enjoy to the max.

Playing CDs at a party with your friends is one thing, but your wedding celebration calls for something a step above. Since you will most likely be inviting family and friends of every age, you’ll have to have a variety of music styles. Whether you decide on a band or wedding DJ, the type of music they provide is definitely going to be among the most important decisions you make when it comes to the success of your special day. A wedding live band can be an impressive addition to the reception, adding a great deal of sparkle to the event.

Everyone loves a party and great parties are created from good plans, an entertaining theme, and top level entertainment. And what is the best type of entertainment? Clearly, live music. Raising the entertainment value of a wedding reception party is easily done by bringing in a top notch wedding dance band. Make certain that your party is the most exciting it can be by bringing in some type of live entertainment.

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Live Dance Bands Add Fun And Energy To Events

Any time an individual is planning an event they’re very hopeful that it will be entertaining and memorable for everyone in attendance. And you won’t find a better way to add fun and thrills to a party than by bringing in a high quality party band. Powerhouse bands are without any doubt one of the most excellent ways to boost the level of fun at parties. Using cover bands for special occasions is becoming a well-accepted plan of action these days, and it’s not very difficult to understand why. They add much in the way of entertainment value for a relatively modest out-of-pocket expense.

Hiring a live band has become an extremely popular choice for all kinds of events such as banquets, birthday celebrations, corporate conventions, wedding parties, and other special occasions. Booking an exceptional band can turn a lifeless, ho-hum party into an incredible and unforgettable event. The reverse can also be true. Providing a second-rate band could very well ruin the party.

There are actually a handful of things you will probably want to consider before booking a local band that lives up the street from you. Hiring a local garage band can sometimes be just as pricey, create more stress, and turn your celebration into a forgettable event. It might also put a strain on local friendships. Just because they’re local, doesn’t mean you should hire them.

First, you need to know how big the venue is – the place where the event will be held. Larger locations can hold a full size band, but smaller venues may limit the size of the band you hire. The next thing on the list is to choose the genre of music which will best fit your event. This doesn’t mean you should pick the type of music that you like best, but the type of music that will be the best fit for your guests and for the kind of event it is. For some events, easy-listening background music would be the perfect option, or maybe even a DJ playing soft music from his laptop, but for other events a loud and raucous wedding or party band might be the ideal choice.

So what style of music will you choose? Pop, rock, jazz, country, or some other genre of music? Another important question is whether or not you are going to include dancing at the blowout. Will it be a live show where your guests will be seated throughout the performance, and not dancing? These are typical questions that need to be addressed before you should even think about beginning your search for entertainment. Some food for thought: lots of live cover bands may be remarkable in a concert performance, but be mediocre when it’s time to start playing danceable selections because all they play are original tunes of a medium tempo. For dance events you should bring in a band that performs high energy dance tunes that everybody will recognize, the type you hear on the radio, instead of original tunes that they’ve never heard of and are not familiar with.

Also, it’s usually a good idea to set a rough budget for your musicians. The budget doesn’t have to be an exact figure because you may have to pay a little more once you find the perfect band. It’s possible to hire music bands for anywhere from a couple hundred dollars to fifty thousand or more.

If you are having an extensive corporate event with a large number of people, make sure you book a high quality band. They can satisfy even the most fussy of guests. Having said that, even though you may think you have a firm budget amount in place, you might find the right band at a higher price than what you had intended to shell out. In cases like this it’s important to know that it’s the entertainment that makes events unforgettable and successful, certainly not the decorations or flowers or wedding dress. So if you need to cut back on a few other things, it’s often best to hire the perfect music entertainment even if it’s a touch more expensive than you had originally thought.

The very best way to find an amazing band is by going through a respectable and reputable booking agency. And even if you think it will cost you more to use a booking agent, in actuality, they are sometimes able to get a lower rate for you than if you had dealt with the band directly. An experienced agent knows which bands are available, which ones will be a good fit for your event, the amount they charge, and which groups will supply you the best music entertainment for the budget. Whenever you want a popular party band at the best rate possible, a booking agency is generally a party planner’s best option.

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Do What Celebrities Do – Hire A Top Live Band For Your Wedding Or Party

It doesn’t require a rocket scientist to figure out that your party can be just as exciting as any celebrity party simply by doing what they do…hire an incredible live band as the entertainment! Easy peasy. However, you may be thinking that celebrities have unlimited budgets and you don’t. Well, you’re probably right there, but that doesn’t mean you cant get the perfect band for your upcoming extravaganza.

The truth is, live dance bands are the main difference between a phenomenal party and a lifeless party. This is also true for venues with weekly entertainment like nightclubs, and for other events like concerts, music festivals, and so on. Regardless of the kind of event you’re planning, all you have to do to create a party or event that’s as phenomenal as a celebrity wedding or party is to do what they do to make their celebrations so exciting…hire a top band as the music entertainment. Below are ideas to help you do just that, even on a minimal budget.

Live Bands Create a Mood

Wedding and party bands are awesome when it comes to reading the guests and playing off the feedback they receive. For example, if the crowd has not filled the dance floor yet, experienced bands will know exactly what to do and what music to play to get them out of their seats. Think about it. The next time you see one in a nightclub, pay close attention to what they do to get people dancing. Your master of ceremonies or DJ wont possess that kind of repertoire.

The Best Way to Experience a Live Band is…Well…in a Live Performance

Music played live needs to be heard live. If it’s not live, the sound will be flat and mundane. Furthermore, whenever you’re hearing an event band in a live setting, it isn’t the same as when you’re listening to the radio while soaking in the bathtub. With a live performance you’re not alone, but in a group of a couple of hundred others, and the entire audience is shouting and moving to the beat and having a great time and focused on the band’s energy. Of course, bathtub music can be fun, but it’s nothing like a live show.

Bringing in a Great Band Will Add Class to the Event

Heres some more food for thought. When you see ads for a future live musical event or receive an invite to a party, specifically what makes you take notice – the idea that the function will include a live cover band or that it’s going to feature a live DJ playing recorded music? Taking absolutely nothing from DJs, our money (and celebs money too for that matter) is on the incontrovertible fact that a shindig featuring a live dance band is probably going to turn out to be a very memorable event where you’ll kick yourself if you don’t attend.

Cover Bands Are More Than Just Music Machines

Thats right. A Top 40 band is more than only a group of singers and musicians pumping out the top hits. The group is more than a jukebox, and as a result will provide your party with a night filled with high energy entertainment where music is but a tiny element of the overall performance. However, a band is still a band and that means music. But an exceptional band will give more than just music. They are going to interact with the crowd in a way that you cannot experience with recorded music.

Make Your Celebration Spectacular By Hiring a Cover Band

There is really nothing like enjoying a Top 40 band doing their thing, and celebrities know this, which is the reason why they use them for their own personal celebrations and wedding parties. The music is potent. The sound is vibrant. The atmosphere is dynamic. Nothing compares to what it’s like to see everything near you vibrating to the thump, thump, thump sound that comes from music whenever it’s performed live. Moreover, its also a rush for the band members themselves. Why do you think such large numbers of rock bands are still touring the country years after their final recording? Because it gives a completely new dimension to their music whenever it’s seen in a live performance.

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How To Locate The Best Corporate Entertainment For Your Big Event

When your job is to find and book entertainers for an important upcoming corporate event you’ll in all likelihood feel some pressure. It is generally a nerve-wracking endeavor when you’re thinking your supervisor might put the blame on you if the corporate entertainment fails to deliver what you expect. Hiring entertainment that’s fresh, clean, and fun for a huge group of people isn’t always an easy job. However, by sticking to a few simple rules you’ll be able to locate the perfect entertainers or musicians for your important corporate party.

The primary goal is to find wholesome talent that will actually show up to your event, give your guests an extremely good show, be fun for the party guests, and make you look great at the same time. Bringing in someone that tells tasteless or off-humor jokes won’t usually go over well with the boss, so make an effort to a find clean, wholesome act.

Before you start your entertainment search it is critical to evaluate and fully understand your prospective audience. Will they be rambunctious or peaceful? Or is it possible that they could be a combination of both personalities? Being aware of your audience’s personalities can assist you in deciding what sort of corporate entertainment might be the best. For example, a youthful group of people might enjoy a standup comedian or flashy live dance band, but an old and more subdued crowd might rather have a speaker or perhaps a jazz and swing band for dancing. Ask some of the people you’ve invited to the party what type of entertainment they might like, and you will almost certainly get the answers you need.

The next thing you need to do is create a list of potential entertainers and/or musicians that may be a strong fit for the audience you’ve invited. In addition to magicians, humorists, and party bands you will find many other types of entertainment that can be appealing to guests with specific personalities. These could be entertainers such as yodelers, Yo-Yo professionals, jugglers, cultural performers, professional dancing entertainers, and a host of other possibilities.

As soon as you establish what type of entertainment you would like to hire for your event, the next thing to do is locate and hire the performing artists. There are a couple of methods for doing this. You can search online for the entertainment all by your lonesome, and then deal directly with the entertainment on your own, or seek some advice from a professional booking agency. If the goal is to have everything go as smoothly as possible, it would be best to enlist the help of an experienced and reputable entertainment agent. It can be as easy as letting them know what kind of musicians or entertainers you want and how much your entertainment budget is and they will supply you with a whole bunch of options.

A good entertainment agent is also able to take care of the contracts and legalities, removing the burden from your shoulders. Having a legal contract between you and the talent will provide much peace of mind. Without having a legal contract in place, it’s possible that the entertainers you hired will cancel on you if a better offer from another client comes up, causing you to be stuck holding the bag, meaning looking for another act at the eleventh hour. A first class entertainment agent is aware of which entertainers are trustworthy and which of them are not. Plus, they can protect your interests by creating a legal and binding contract between you and the artist. A veteran booking agent can decrease your level of stress or anxiety while performing all of the cumbersome work for you.

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Helpful Tips About Event Planning And Event Production Solutions

A good company that offers event production services will be able to offer the information, practical experience, and equipment to make your special event as impressive as you’ve always imagined it would be. Whether you’re preparing for a wedding and reception, large corporate function, fair, festival, or concert, you need your production company to do a nice job. Impressive events don’t just occur by accident, but are well planned and managed.

Almost all businesses that provide event production services also provide options to include musicians or entertainment as well. First-rate entertainers are the key to creating an amazingly fun event. Hence, when you need to plan a celebration that’ll have all the guests talking, possibly for months after it’s in the history books, make certain you go with a company that not only offers awesome event production solutions, but incredible entertainment as well.

A good company can take the tension away from organizing an event, ensuring that it goes off without a hitch and appears effortless to your event guests. A good turnkey entertainment company can supply all that is needed. If you need catering, event management, equipment, entertainment, or anything else, a seasoned production company is able to deal with the whole enchilada, allowing you to breathe easier.

So precisely what will these production companies do for you? A few examples can include consultation, logistics, audio solutions, room design and decor, catering, talent acquisition, hiring servers or staff, hiring photographers, and location scouting. You can hire a company that will help with absolutely every little thing. On the other hand, if you would rather, you could possibly do some things yourself and then have your production company provide only the services that you don’t want to do or know how to do.

Are you looking for a staff, or do you already have men and women available that can work at your bash? The right event management agency is able to use their own workforce. You may even have them work with your team or committee members. Some examples of the kind of folks these companies can supply are event directors, servers, or hosts and hostesses, workers, technicians, office staff, and many others.

It’s obvious that a good organization can handle pretty much everything, which can all but ensure the success of a party. They may also fill out portions of your event staffing and management that you can’t get yourself. The idea behind a production company is to help you plan a party that will satisfy your goals and objectives, as well as reduce as much stress as can be achieved so that you will be able to enjoy your event. To find out more, you should probably speak with a first-rate entertainment and production provider that can help you plan your function.

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Do You Know What Survivalism Is All About?

Survivalism and preparedness for survivalism is approached in a wide spectrum of scenarios and circumstances. It is mainly affected by the type of emergency and the potential risks faced during a disaster situation. Below are the characterizations that would fit a survivalist. You may fit in one, more than one or all of the categories:

1. Safety Preparedness

You may be more of a person who is geared more towards safety preparedness. Folks in this category are focused more towards survival skills and preparedness in surviving life-threatening scenarios. This could be threats that would incur physical injuries and knowledge on self-defence is required. These threats could be of either abiotic or biotic by nature and survivalists overcome this by mitigation plans and prevention techniques.

2. Wilderness Survival Oriented

The main concerns in this category involve, stress, fear, hunger, climate, health, terrain and thirst, since we are dealing with the wilderness here. The common rule of 3 in wilderness survival applies here, and they are: 3 days no water, 3 weeks without rations, air deprivation for 3 minutes, 3 hours with zero shelter.

3. Self-defence Driven

This group deals mainly with hand to hand combat survival, so naturally self defence weapons and tactics play a big role here. Survivalism revolves around fire-arms and strategies against home invasion and attackers.

4. Natural Disasters

Folks in this category are exposed mainly to flood, tornado, hurricane, wildfire, heavy snowfall, and earthquake. Survival tools required for this category include tools for constructing and rebuilding temporary shelters. Preparation of survival kits, bug out bags and emergency kits are critical in this category. They must have sufficient rations and water to last until help comes around.

5. Bio-chemical Outbreak

The concern for this group is the outbreak of deadly diseases, nerve gasses and biological agents. This also include botulism, swine flu, H1N1, and dengue fever, ebola, Lassa virus, cholera, plaque, hantavuris, SARS, rabies, anthrax and Marbug Virus. For preparedness, they need to have NBC respirators, coveralls made of polyethylene, duct tape, plastic sheeting, PVC boots and nitrile gloves.

Common Survivalist Acronyms Include:

1. Alpha Strategy

This is the common practice of storing in excess of consumable items in case things run scarce in the event of a disaster strike.

That simple stands for bug out bag. Its a common practise for survivalist to have a pack or bag to stuff survival tools and rations when time comes for bugging out. This bag for bugging out is normally called a bug out bag.

Which stands for bug out vehicle, as the name implies , is a vehicle prepared for bugging out during emergencies.

Is short for; every day carry. This refers to items that are commonly carried around by survivalist when he/she is out looking scavenging of looking for food. This normally refers to a pistol that is carried around for self defence and protection.

6. G.O.O.D

More popularly coined by James Wesley Rawles, that means get out of dodge, which means bugging out of urban areas in times of a disaster.

Hope this article has given you a good insight of what survivalism is all about, and may this help you in your journey to survival preparedness.

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Nuclear War Survival Skills

We are living in a world that is rich with modern weaponry for massive destruction, and one of the most dangerous, if not the most dangerous know to mankind is nuclear weapons. A mishap is bound to happen with quarrels continuing in the world at large. The question is, are you prepared with the survival skills required to face a nuclear war?

In this article, I have highlighted some of the most important survival skills you will have to know to survive a nuclear war.

The Facts Of A Nuclear War

If a nuclear war happens, whether its between The Unites States and Russia or any country for that matter, we cannot deny that the fallout radiation from a nuclear war would kill everybody on earth and from the poison in the environment and in the air that we breathe.

1. Warnings and Communications
Warnings and continuous communication is critical during this scenario. You will have to know and to communicate what is happening where you are and other areas around the world to compare notes. Give out warnings when there is danger and properly communicate it to achieve success in survival for all. You may need to learn moss code, or the basics of moss code for communication, as your mobile or other electronic communication system may not be working for you.

2. Evacuation Preparedness

Unless you can be sure your home is more than 10 miles from where the nuclear warhead would hit, then you would need an evacuation plan. Bug out bags, emergency kits and underground hide outs would be your best bet for survival. Find out more about nuclear fallout evacuation plan in your country and in the region where you live. Understand the latest evacuation strategies that would keep you and your family save.

3. Underground Shelter

The evacuation plans above should cover where the nearest nuclear shelter would be. If that is not available, the best option would be to build an underground shelter that is self-sustaining, where you can grow food and produce water independently. You can store emergency rations, but that can only last you so long. That is the main reason why a self-sustaining food supply is critical for the survival of you and your loved ones.

4. Cooling and Ventilation

You will also need cooling and ventilation for your shelter and not just that, you will need ventilation that could filter out the nuclear fallout particles. This is why you will need a means to provide electricity in your shelter as well. You will also need to filter out carbon dioxide and keep your shelter oxygen rich.

5. Produce Water from Waste

Water is a basic necessity for human beings. Without it we would die in less than 4 days. Remember to store enough water for consumption. You will also need water to keep a good hygiene, for washing and cleaning up. A good idea is to have a recycle equipment to produce water from waste you produce.

6. Produce Self-sustaining Food

Is of course crucial for survival and as mentioned earlier, you will find a way to produce food in your shelter. Aquaponics is a good self-sustaining system. You get to produce organic vegetable and fish meat with this system and you dont even need to water them.

These are the 6 most important survival skills we have identified, that you must know to survive a nuclear war. Learn and find out more to make sure you are fully prepared for this mishap should it strike. You will never know!

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How To Use A Pet Travel Service

As it can be a traumatic experience for both you and your pet to relocate overseas, it would be prudent to employ the services of a pet travel service that is reliable. This will assist you in handling the difficult as well as sometimes confusing and complex business of pet relocation. This is due to the fact that there is a lot to organise and deal with such as government and quarantine regulations as well as the airline regulations for pet travel too.

Should you be moving to a different state, then contact a pet transport service that does interstate transport. They will transport your pet in purpose-built vans which have air-conditioning systems that are dual zone. This allows your pet to travel comfortably during hot weather.

As soon as you know where you will be relocating to (as well as the date), you can start looking for the best pet transport company. This can be time consuming as it would be best to compare the various companies you find before settling on a particular service. Your pet move can also be costly, and also if you decide to import an animal as well.

As each country has different rules and regulations relating to pet transportation, a pet relocator will be able to assist you in dealing with all this which will remove much of the stress from your move. In certain circumstances, should the airline you choose not be licenced to transport pets, in this case, your pet may have to be transported on a different flight to yours. This means that planning ahead for all eventualities is a must when relocating with your pet overseas.

When choosing your pet transportation company, the safety as well as comfort of your beloved pet should be of utmost importance. You should take your dog or cat to your veterinarian for a check-up prior to travelling, so that he or she may ascertain if your pet is fit enough to fly. This is essential as there will not be a veterinarian available either at the airport or on the flight.

Experienced pet travel services can give owners good advice regarding the type of appropriate and safe dog crates for travel that should be chosen for the specific trip you are taking with your dog. These precautions are important as it will ensure that you dog has a secure, stress-free journey.

The pet travel company will also be aware of which water and food bowls to select for road travel so as to make it easier for your dog to keep to his regular eating schedule. These bowls are really easy to take along with you to ensure you will have no problems giving your dog water and food when required. This sort of travel gear for dog’s is essential for pet parents who are active.

Sufficient ventilation is extremely important when pet transport services take your pet on a trip that is lengthy. Carriers for cats as well as travel crates for dogs have either slots, screens or wire mesh windows which allow sufficient ventilation so that your pets may stay cool with the air circulating freely to keep them comfortable.

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Health Certificates For Pet Travel

Professional advice will be required should you wish to relocate yourself and your pets. You will need a professional with the requisite knowledge, skills and experience to enable you to get through this daunting task of organising the smooth relocation for both you and your pets. Things such as required blood tests, microchips, vaccination booklets as well as the date planning of everything required to be done. So much needs to be organised and completed, such as liasing with authorities, import permits, customs clearance documents, health certificates, air waybills, veterinarians as well as destination agents to conclude all documentation required to effectively transport your pet safely and without problems.

You will need to Google specific requirements for the different states and airlines before travelling. Here you will find listed which health certificates will be required (as well as when they need to be issued), for your pets by major airlines, both in the US as well as internationally. As this information becomes rapidly outdated, make sure that you read up on the airline’s current rules before making any further plans.

As the regulations and rules differ for all countries, you may only enter the US with your pet if you have a certificate from a veterinarian confirming that your pet has had the required vaccinations and is healthy.

For example, cats, dogs and ferrets are not allowed to enter Spain if they have not received a vaccination against rabies. They have to wait a required twenty-one days after receiving the vaccination (as well as having to be twelve weeks old before being vaccinated), before they may enter Spain. The health certificate for the EU supplied by a USDA Accredited Vet will be valid for up to four months for travelling in the EU just so long as the vaccination for rabies shown on it has not expired.

To ensure that both diseases as well as species that are invasive are kept out of countries, they all have their own regulations governing any live imports. Vaccinations as well as official proof that your animal is healthy is required by all countries before allowing it entry. Certain of these countries need a health certificate that has been specifically developed by themselves.

An appointment will need to be made with your vet within ten days of your pet travelling to confirm that your pet is safe to fly as well as to get a health certificate for travel (no need to worry as your vet has had these requests before). Generally, all airlines that are pet friendly will require that you show this certificate at the cargo check-in. Certain airlines also need the certificate for cabin travel as well. Note that this certificate has to be dated not earlier than ten days prior to the trip.

Once at the entry port, dogs and cats can show no symptoms of diseases that could be communicable to humans. Should there be evidence that the animal is in poor health, it is possible that you will be informed that your pet will have to be seen by a vet who is licenced and this would be for your own expense.

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How Much Exercise Is Safe For My Dog?

Regular exercise can have a tremendous impact on your dog’s overall well-being. Dogs that get regular workouts enjoy a higher metabolism, smaller appetite, better muscle tone, and even better temperature regulation – a very important benefit for dogs in hot or humid climates.

Though they’re energetic, food-loving Labradors are prone to canine obesity, which regular exercise and a healthful diet can combat. Finally, challenging exercises keep Labs mentally engaged, which is important for this intelligent breed.

Regular exercise is essential for any dog’s health and mental well-being. A lack of exercise can contribute to destructive behavior, obesity, boredom and a variety of health problems. Dogs also need continuous mental stimulation with new smells and sights – so spending time in the back yard just isn’t a substitute.

Just like humans, dogs need regular exercise to stay in good condition. Canines are active animals – especially as many breeds were bred for high activity levels. A lack of exercise can lead to decreased lean muscle strength and weaker bones.

Obesity isn’t just a growing problem for humans – it’s affecting an increasing number of dogs too. Even moderate obesity can reduce the lifespan of your pet. This is because it can cause chronic inflammation, digestive problems, skin disorders, and even cancer. Regular exercise is an important tool for reducing the chance of obesity.

A lack of exercise in your four-legged pal may result in health risks like obesity. But that’s not all. Dogs that go without regular exercise can also develop destructive behaviors like barking, digging or chewing.

Get the kids to participate in exercising with your family dog too. It’s good for their health to participate in regular exercise and the incentive of playing with the dog at the same time will make it much more fun for all involved.

Beyond your dog’s breed, other important considerations are his age and health. Older dogs will not have the stamina they once had, and may also have ailments that limit mobility. Regular exercise is still important for an older dog, to keep him fit and engage his mind, but his routine may require modifying. On-the-go puppies usually give themselves enough exercise while they explore, play, and learn. Pushing puppies to over exercise can cause lasting problems in their fast-growing bones and joints.

Regular exercise and walks will also help your pregnant dog keep her muscle tone and general health. Obesity is potential danger in pregnant dogs when delivery time comes, so control any tendency to fatness with exercise and careful attention to her revised caloric needs.

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Puppy Socialization Techniques

Socialization is very important for a dog. Most large dog breeds have a natural guarding instinct that manifests in their aggressive behavior. Include socialization as an important part of your puppy care from the very first day to prevent the risk of hostile display by the dog in the future. The time between 3 and 10 weeks is crucial for a dog to become socialized. After 10-12 weeks, a dog starts exhibiting caution and develops a stronger psychology.

They must know that you are the pack leader and hence the ultimate authority. This will put the puppy at ease (assuming it’s not an Alpha Type) and help them understand their position in the pack (your family). Praise them with an enthusiastic sounding tone in your voice and pet them vigorously after they’ve done their business. This teaches them your approval of their behavior. An important part of your new puppy care is establishing this positive relationship.

As with small children, it’s up to you to put the puppy in an environment that is safe for them, and won’t ruin something expensive for you. Puppies explore with their mouths as much as anything, and they learn about the different textures of things by gnawing. Also, chewing makes their razor sharp teeth feel better by rubbing the super sharp edges down just a bit. The key to new puppy care is to understand how your puppy sees the world and what her motivations are.

Pet-proof your home before welcoming the puppy in your home. Change your home setting and interior decor in a way that household items do not pose a threat to the little one. Prepare a puppy care checklist in consultation with the breeder and buy essential supplies accordingly.

Rest assured, basic puppy care isn’t something that comes naturally for anyone. We learn helpful tips from others who’ve been successful at raising and training dogs. And for the rest, well, we just learn as we go.

Your puppy care schedule must include daily playtime for the dog. Until the puppy turns 10 weeks, you may let it play within the safe confines of your home. However, after it turns into a 3-month old, start taking the dog for 20 to 30 minutes of a daily walk. A full-grown large dog may need more than 90 minutes of formal exercise a day.

It is also important though that your young dog should not do too much exercise on the lead until they are at least six moths old. Short bursts on the lead will be sufficient for your pup during those early weeks.

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Ways To Keep Your Horse Healthy And Prevent Possible Diseases

Working together with a veterinarian is the best way to keep your horse healthy. With proper planning and implementation of a wellness program for each of your horses, diseases and infections can be prevented. A horse’s wellness program should include these four important aspects – vaccinations, annual physical exam, deworming, and annual dental exam.


Each horse in your barn should have its own annual vaccination program. These vaccinations are necessary to keep your horses healthy all year round, as they become protected from outbreaks of diseases and infections. The most recommended vaccines that your horse should have are West Nile virus, tetanus, rabies, and equine encephalitis (Eastern/Western). Your veterinarian can also work on a vaccination plan for other viruses and infections that can affect your horse in the future.

Annual Physical Exam

Schedule with your veterinarian an annual physical exam for each horse that you own. A physical examination of a horse will consist of a visual inspection of the animal and monitoring of the vital statistics like pulse, temperature, and respiration. The horse’s lungs will be listened to closely, and there is also an evaluation of the skin and coat condition. Any abnormalities and concerns will be discussed immediately for proper action.

Also, for horses in their senior years, they need to frequently undergo a blood test. This is done to rule out the possibility of your older horses having equine Cushing’s disease, also called pituitary pars intermedia dysfunction.


A deworming plan should also be implemented with the help of your veterinarian. It’s important to have complete control of the parasites that could live in your horse’s gut. A fecal testing will be done first, then a deworming strategy can be followed based on the test results. You’ll not only need to deworm your horse, but also your property as well. Your veterinarian will help you with the necessary steps to accomplish this.

Annual Dental Exam

Regular dental care is also important to keep your horse healthy. Horses are also susceptible to dental issues, especially when they’re already in their senior years. When a horse has a dental issue, it can lead to poor performance, weight loss, and unruly behavior. It’s best that each horse undergo a dental exam yearly to diagnose dental problems early on, and be treated accordingly before they can affect the health of your horse.

This well-rounded wellness program for your horse is only possible if youre working together with your trusted veterinarian all the time. Let your veterinarian know of any minor health concerns that your horse is experiencing, to prevent possible diseases from getting out of hand, that will result to the death of your beloved equine.

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Essential Dos And Don’ts When Travelling To Germany

Prominent for being one of the worlds largest producers of cars and machines, Germany offers travelers a one-of-a-kind experience with its rich culture and history. It never fails to captivate the hearts of tourists with its old and preserved timbered houses, Baroque buildings, beautiful castles, and of course, German beer. As with any other country in the world, Germany has its own set of decorum and customs.

While these can vary in every German city or state, there are some etiquettes which are considered standard all over the country. Upholding German values and customs is very important for the locals, as non-compliance from tourists may not only raise eyebrows and head shakes but also earn you a harsh reprimand from straightforward Germans. If you are planning to visit this charming European land of Bier and Wurst, its normal to get a culture shock, but being prepared and keeping in mind the following dos and donts will earn you respect from the Germans.

Do bring enough cash

This may sound funny, but despite Germany being an efficient first-world country, locals are still cash-intensive people. A survey revealed that Germans feel that paying by cash makes it simpler for them to monitor their spendings. There are even some restaurants and establishments that dont accept credit card payment. So make sure you always have Euros on hand to prevent any inconvenience when paying.

Do buy and stamp your ticket when riding public transportation

This is especially true for tourists. Due to the absence of a ticket seller or inspector, some might be excited at the prospect of saving some Euros and be tempted to ride the U-Bahn (underground train) and other public transport for free. This is a big no-no and could get you in trouble. Ticket inspectors are always around, wearing plain clothes. They will randomly ask people to show their tickets, and those who are not able to provide a valid one will have to pay huge fines.

Do try the wide variety of German bread and beer

Considered as a staple food of the country and a big part of the German culture, Germany produces more than 300 types of bread in all shapes and sizes, freshly baked every day. Its only appropriate to try a few of the many types of bread and learn why the Krauts love their Brot so much. As with beer, Germany has about 1,300 various breweries which manufacture over 5,000 different beer brands. Keep it on your list to try a few of them, including Kölsch beer, Altbier, Helles, and Weißbier. A trip to Germany is not complete without drinking one of their best-exported products.

Don’t travel to Germany without pet papers

If you plan on visiting this mighty country with a do, please pay attention to the rules and regulations regarding travelling with pets. Canine visitors must have the necessary papers otherwise they will not be permitted into the country. It is well advised to read tips on dog travel before you embark on a journey to Germany – or any other country in the world for that matter.

Dont walk in the bicycle lane. EVER.

Germans like things to be in order. As a testament to that, they have specific lanes for bicycles and for pedestrians. Do not be surprised if you receive an unfriendly or even aggressive response (including some shouting/cursing coupled with the ringing of their bicycle bells) when cyclists find that youre walking on the bicycle lane. So dont forget to always keep to the pedestrians path.

Dont throw your plastic/glass bottles & aluminum cans anywhere

As part of their efficient recycling system, Germans have put a deposit of 0.25 for most plastic/glass bottles & aluminum cans on top of its price. You can claim back the money at any supermarket when you return the bottles or cans, which can be a lot depending on the number of bottles you have. Most locals will frown at (or even scold) you if you throw the bottle or can in the rubbish bin instead of returning it where it belongs.

Dont make the Nazi salute just for fun

Because of the countrys dark history, Germans are quite sensitive and careful when it comes to discussions about Hitler and the Nazi era. As such, locals are not so keen on talking about it in public (unless you have a very close German friend), more so making the Nazi salute. It is considered an offense in Germany. Doing so could get you reported to the police and land you behind bars. So yes, it is a serious thing.

Although these are not the only customs and etiquettes you have to observe during your visit to Germany, following these standard rules will guarantee that you will avoid committing cultural blunders in Deutschland.

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Tips To Staying Healthy During Your Trip

Travelling to new corners of the globe will always involve risks, especially if you are heading over to countries where different illnesses are endemic. Even if you always make sure to travel with a good health insurance, you would not want to be stuck in a hospital somewhere. Worse, if you do not speak the language, you will have a tough time during your stay.

When you plan a trip to South America, you should check in early on with your doctor. He will know best to check your vaccination records and have the necessary vaccines done with enough time to spare before you fly out. By completing your shots, you increase your chances of avoiding a hospital stay during your stay. The same is true if you’re travelling with pets. You must ensure they get the right vaccinations and papers otherwise they will not be able to travel. See this guide more tips for travelling with dogs.

First of all, the most basic vaccinations are always important wherever you go, but in certain countries, additional shots are required. This includes travelling to tropical countries where mosquitos carry disease that can be avoided given the right vaccines. 

The Most Important Vaccinations

Whooping Cough, 
Hepatitis A and B, 
Measles, Mumps and Rubella are the most important vaccinations. Though you might have had these vaccines while you were a child, most of them require a booster every ten years. If you are visiting South America, your doctor might also recommend these other shots. 

Yellow Fever

This is transmitted through mosquito bites and is endemic in subtropical and tropical countries. Though few people actually contract the disease, it is best to be protected especially if you are traveling to some jungle areas. In some Brazilian states, it is also required so you need to bring your records with you at all times.

Typhoid Fever

The bacteria Salmonella Typhi causes typhoid fever and it can be found in food and water that are contaminated. Poor sanitation, hygiene, untreated drinking water and poor food handling standards can contribute to its spread. Visitors also need to watch out when eating shellfish from contaminated waters. 
It is a serious and possibly fatal viral infection that is transmitted through an infected mammal’s saliva, most commonly through a bite. While not everyone might need it, if you will have contact with animals, you should definitely get it for your own safety. 

Other Precautions –

Malaria is a mosquito-transmitted disease common in South America for which is there is no vaccine. If you are headed to the Amazon, you need to protect yourself from mosquito bites, through wearing long-sleeved shirts and pants. You can apply mosquito repellant and take prophylactic medication.

Altitude Sickness

Also known as Acute Mountain Sickness, this is another risk during a South American trip, where certain parts are above 2,000 meters in altitude. There is no vaccination against it, and the only way to avoid it is to do gradual ascents so that you can acclimatize. Make sure you keep yourself hydrated and avoid alcohol.

Lastly, check for any specific health risks in the countries you are visiting so that you can take the necessary precautions. You can also be prepared in terms of the medications you need. Moreover, an important step in staying healthy is to watch out for what you eat and drink. Do not just drink from the tap and eat only fruits and vegetables that are peeled or washed in clean water. 

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Grooming Your Dog – How To Keep It In Tip-top Shape

Grooming the dog is one of the tasks that every pet parent should be able to learn with some level of proficiency, unless you dont mind paying a professional groomer to get your dog prim and proper every time it needs to. Adhering to a regular grooming schedule can help keep your canine friend in tiptop shape.

Daily Brushing is a Must

Regardless of the type of coat of your dog, everyday brushing or combing is recommended. This not only helps keep its coat shiny and healthy, it also helps improve the circulation of blood in the skin. When circulation is improved, vital nutrients are delivered to all the cells of the dogs skin making it healthier and more robust especially in the fight against skin irritation and inflammation. And if your dog happens to have an extra-long coat, daily combing can help prevent tangles and mats. If you have a dog that sheds heavily, too, frequent combing can lessen the amount of loose hair.

Dont Bathe Your Dog Too Frequently

Some dog owners bathe their dogs on a weekly basis. Dont! Frequent bathing robs the dogs skin of natural oils which are present on the skin to help protect it against dirt, debris, and other particles while also helping provide for a waterproof layer. If you bathe your dog very often, you will be washing away these natural oils and lead to dry and easily-irritated skin. If you don’t want to put your dog in the bath you could take them to a pet spa instead. For dogs with long coats, once a month bathing is already sufficient. For those with shorter coats, bathing 3 to 4 times a year is perfectly okay. In bathing your dog, it is important to use only a dog-appropriate shampoo; never the shampoo you use yourself.

Dont Forget Your Dogs Teeth

Majority of pet parents dont brush their dogs teeth. Many simply give dental treats. While this may work up a certain point, brushing your dogs teeth with an appropriate toothbrush and toothpaste designed specifically for dogs can help get rid of plaque and tartar that may not be removed by dental chews alone. Daily tooth-brushing is recommended; although this can be adjusted to a more convenient twice weekly thing.

Inspect and Clean the Ears

Most dog owners fail to care for their pets ears during grooming. The ears must be first inspected for any sign of redness, discharge, or even foul odor. There are plenty of dog-appropriate ear cleaning solutions in the market, although you can easily make your very own. What is important is to inspect and clean your dogs ears every 3 to 4 weeks.

Clip the Nails

Youll know if its time for your dog to have its nails clipped. Youll hear it scratching on your floor every time it walks. Dont let your pets nails grow unusually long as it can curve inwards and hurt your pet. Ideally, youd want to check your dogs nails every month to have an idea if they already require some trimming.

Keeping your dog in tiptop shape can be accomplished in many ways. Grooming it can give your dog that healthy look it deserves.

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