Spending Leisure Time with Family or Friends

Leisure time can be great if spent well, especially if you spend it in the company of family members or friends. This gives a unique opportunity to share experiences, increase your social bonding, feeling of personal control and freedom, communication with others as well as a better opportunity for kids to advance.

An opportunity to examine personal values, to focus on what is important to you. It gives you the balance you need to deal with your non-leisure activities. Relief from stress and boredom. It can help promote not only better emotional health but physical health as well.

A feeling of control. Job or school demands might not give us that freedom.

Enhanced communication skills and self-esteem. Shy or introverted people can benefit from group activities that are based on shared interests.

Wider horizons. You can meet new people, learn new things and gain valuable perspective.

A positive teaching model for children, who often learn better by example than by words alone.

Your own behavior in group or family activities helps teach your children about:

Communication with others

Relationships with all kinds of people

Socially acceptable behavior

Negotiation and cooperation

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People tend to be always busy, may be too busy to get any ample time with our families. Anything done together during family free time can be highly appreciated. This doesn’t have to be anything costly, you can come together at the time when everyone has free time and make fun, relax, enjoy and have a good time. These turn out to be times well spend than when you spend your leisure time all alone.

Today’s family is very busy.  Most families have both parents working.  But making time for spending quality time as a family is a very important investment of your family’s time.

Here are some reasons to make time for family time.

Spending time together enjoying fun activities is associated with kids and parents having a stronger emotional bond. These activities don’t have to cost money. The simplest activities your family enjoys and does together counts as quality family time. Spending time as a family is associated with better communication amongst family members and children. Kids who spend time communicating with their parents tend to do better at school. Teenagers who are actively spending family time with parents tend to have less behavioral problems.

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Spending family leisure time has more benefits than it may be taken for. These fun moments help family members’ emotional bonds stronger and make them relate even better. As much as it may be taken as a simple pastime, family leisure time is at the core of every family’s success; promoting cooperation and closeness.

Spending time in everyday family leisure activities is associated with greater emotional bonding within the family. A family’s “core” leisure activities (those that are typically every day, low-cost, home-based activities such as playing board games, playing in the yard, gardening and watching television together) were related to the family’s cohesion (“the emotional bonding that family members have toward one another”).

Both a family’s “core” activities and their “balance” activities (those that are novel experiences and require a greater investment of time, effort, planning and money–such as vacations, special events, and sports activities) were related to the family’s ability to adapt.1

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