Grooming Your Dog – How To Keep It In Tip-top Shape

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Grooming the dog is one of the tasks that every pet parent should be able to learn with some level of proficiency, unless you dont mind paying a professional groomer to get your dog prim and proper every time it needs to. Adhering to a regular grooming schedule can help keep your canine friend in tiptop shape.

Daily Brushing is a Must

Regardless of the type of coat of your dog, everyday brushing or combing is recommended. This not only helps keep its coat shiny and healthy, it also helps improve the circulation of blood in the skin. When circulation is improved, vital nutrients are delivered to all the cells of the dogs skin making it healthier and more robust especially in the fight against skin irritation and inflammation. And if your dog happens to have an extra-long coat, daily combing can help prevent tangles and mats. If you have a dog that sheds heavily, too, frequent combing can lessen the amount of loose hair.

Dont Bathe Your Dog Too Frequently

Some dog owners bathe their dogs on a weekly basis. Dont! Frequent bathing robs the dogs skin of natural oils which are present on the skin to help protect it against dirt, debris, and other particles while also helping provide for a waterproof layer. If you bathe your dog very often, you will be washing away these natural oils and lead to dry and easily-irritated skin. If you don’t want to put your dog in the bath you could take them to a pet spa instead. For dogs with long coats, once a month bathing is already sufficient. For those with shorter coats, bathing 3 to 4 times a year is perfectly okay. In bathing your dog, it is important to use only a dog-appropriate shampoo; never the shampoo you use yourself.

Dont Forget Your Dogs Teeth

Majority of pet parents dont brush their dogs teeth. Many simply give dental treats. While this may work up a certain point, brushing your dogs teeth with an appropriate toothbrush and toothpaste designed specifically for dogs can help get rid of plaque and tartar that may not be removed by dental chews alone. Daily tooth-brushing is recommended; although this can be adjusted to a more convenient twice weekly thing.

Inspect and Clean the Ears

Most dog owners fail to care for their pets ears during grooming. The ears must be first inspected for any sign of redness, discharge, or even foul odor. There are plenty of dog-appropriate ear cleaning solutions in the market, although you can easily make your very own. What is important is to inspect and clean your dogs ears every 3 to 4 weeks.

Clip the Nails

Youll know if its time for your dog to have its nails clipped. Youll hear it scratching on your floor every time it walks. Dont let your pets nails grow unusually long as it can curve inwards and hurt your pet. Ideally, youd want to check your dogs nails every month to have an idea if they already require some trimming.

Keeping your dog in tiptop shape can be accomplished in many ways. Grooming it can give your dog that healthy look it deserves.

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