Picnic Time! What To Bring And Not To Bring

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Hey we all love picnics right? I was on vacation recently at a lovely spot in Australia called Fitzroy Island. It was the perfect picnic spot, but we weren’t prepared for a picnic really.

So it had me wondering what is the perfect picnic setup for any location, abroad on your vacation or right at home in your backyard beach spot.

Let’s start with the obvious shall we?

A blanket, table cloth, sheet or Egyptian Cotton bed spread – okay fine not the last one unless you really like living large. Basically though, you need to protect your butt from the sand or grass or rocks or biting ants – you get the picture.

Next, we need something to bring the food in right?

Enter your basket, box, cooler or grocery bag. If you want to keep the cold things cold something that can hold an adequate amount of ice is a good idea. In that case the paper grocery bag probably isn’t your best option. Buy hey, who am I to judge?


You can’t bring it but it is equally as important on a nice sunny day as something to eat. Without a bit of shade on a blistering Australian afternoon the hotdogs are not the only thing that will be cooking let me tell you.

So, bring an umbrella, or some cute woven wicker hats for everyone and you’ll all be nice and comfortable sitting out in the hot sun waiting for the hubby to be done on the grill. But a grill isn’t all that necessary if you brought pre made sandwiches.

The point is make sure your picnic spot has some shade if you need it. Then again shade isn’t all that needed if it’s raining outside. So grab that umbrella and make a run for it. You can always finish your picnic in the car. (not as easy if you biked to the beach for your picnic)

What is the perfect beach picnic food anyway?

If you are a pansy and don’t plan on grilling (or can’t carry your four burner gas grill on your back while you hike five miles to the picnic spot) just bring some fancy finger foods like sandwiches, pre-made kebabs, cupcake sand brownies for dessert and some of that gross egg salad stuff someone always insists on brining to a picnic.

Besides the egg salad, what else should you refrain from bringing to a picnic?

Well, for starters have you ever seen someone carrying a giant wooden picnic table across the beach for heir picnic? Well, probably don’t bring one of those. But a portable, foldable table might be an option if you dan’t want to cozy up on a blanket.

Plastic anything.

Just don’t do it. Have you seen videos of that spot in the ocean where all the Wolrd’s plastic ends up – not cool. So leave the plastic forks, spoons, plates and cups where they belong (in the stores until manufacturers get the hint that we shouldn’t be using them) and bring paper plates or better yet reusable plates and utensils. (I get it that too often these are also made of plastic, but at least you can re-use them I guess)

So there you have it. Anything else you need to know about having the best picnic lunch on the beach? I didn’t think so. Now go out and have a picnic already.

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